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13th March 2018

Easter Opening Hours

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18th September 2017

Surrey Game and Country Fair

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23rd August 2017


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16th August 2016

Laparoscopic (Keyhole) Spay

We are proud to announce that we are now able to offer laparoscopic bitch spays at our sister practice Crofts Vets in Haslemere. read more

29th February 2016

Easter opening times

We are open over the Easter weekend for routine appointments and emergencies. read more

27th January 2016

Compulsory Microchipping

From the 6th of April 2016, all dogs must be microchipped and registered to an approved database by the time they are 8 weeks old. read more

22nd January 2015

Alders Pet Health Plans

Budget monthly for your pet’s health and save money at the same time. read more

31st December 2014

Parvo Alert

Unfortunately, we have had 3 dogs (from 2 separate families), presented to our clinic in the last 24 hours who were severely ill. All 3 have tested positive for Parvovirus, and sadly were euthanased. We rarely see parvovirus, as most dogs are vaccinated against this disease. All 3 of these dogs were not vaccinated. read more

10th December 2014

G-paws now in stock!

The world's first GPS recorder for your Pets. read more

19th August 2014

Bank Holiday Opening Hours

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27th May 2014

Alder Vets are pleased to offer a cutting edge new technique for the treatment of “Floating Kneecap”

Alder Vets are pleased to offer a cutting edge new technique for the treatment of Patella Luxation or “Floating Kneecap” read more

25th February 2014

Alabama Rot

As you may have heard there has been another case of Alabama Rot in Surrey. read more

09th January 2014

Worming Offer Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

You may not be able to see them, but the eggs or larvae of intestinal worms could be in your garden. Intestinal worms can cause serious damage to the health of your pet and your family. That's why it's so important to treat your pet at least every three months. read more

19th November 2013

The Importance of Annual Health Checks

Even if you keep a close eye on your pet’s health, an annual visit to the vet for a thorough check up means extra peace of mind. Apart from helping identify any newly emerging problems before they become serious, regular health assessments will give you the chance to keep your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date, accurately weigh your pet and find out more about any issues that may be worrying you. read more

03rd October 2013

Visit our Web Shop for special offers

Visit our online shop for multiple discounts read more

03rd October 2013

Puppy Farming - Don’t fall victim to the unrepeatable breeders - they are out there.

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07th August 2013

25% off your first consultation or vaccination

Register today for 25% off your first consultation or vaccination. Take advantage of this exclusive offer. We are offering all new clients the opportunity to receive 25% off their first consultation or vaccination simply by registering your details with us online. read more

07th August 2013

Millbrook RSPCA pet rehoming centre near Chobam needs your help

Millbrook RSPCA pet rehoming centre near Chobam needs your help. They are caring for over 150 unwanted pets. If you are thinking of getting a new pet then why not take a look at those at Millbrook needing a loving home. read more

21st July 2013

Did you see us judging at the William Bray Dog Show?

Did you see us judging at the William Bray Dog Show in Shere the other weekend? The sunshine brought out a good crowd and lots of fantastic dogs. Chris and Rob were judging and on hand to offer advice to dog owners about their pets healthcare and well-being. read more

01st April 2013

Ground-breaking Cruciate Ligament Surgery for dogs now offered here at Alder Vets

We now have a fully operational orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery suite. read more

03rd March 2013

Our team building day

See what we got up to on our last team building day – 4 vets and 5 nurses from the practice did the NUTS Challenge on 3rd March!! The Nuts Challenge read more