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Unfortunately, we have had 3 dogs (from 2 separate families), presented to our clinic in the last 24 hours who were severely ill. All 3 have tested positive for Parvovirus, and sadly were euthanased. We rarely see parvovirus, as most dogs are vaccinated against this disease. All 3 of these dogs were not vaccinated.

We have alerted all local veterinary practices, as this could be the beginning of a local outbreak.

The following Wikipedia link is well written and will inform you of the disease itself if you wish; simply cut and paste into your browser.

We would urge you all to check your dog’s vaccination status, and if your pet’s vaccination is out of date, or if your pet is unvaccinated, to arrange vaccination as soon as possible. You might also tell your friends and neighbours who may have pets in the local area to visit their own vets if necessary.

Our feline friends need not worry, as this disease is specific to canines alone.

Please, if you have any concerns, speak with one of our experienced veterinary team and they will be glad to discuss any aspects of the vaccination protocol.

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