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  • Cruciate Ligament Surgery for Dogs | Alder Vets

At Alder Vets, we understand the importance of providing compassionate care for your dogs, particularly when this requires something more specialised such as cruciate ligament surgery for dogs.

As a pet owner, you don’t want to see your pet in pain; ensuring that you are aware of the signs and symptoms of a cruciate ligament injury can ensure that your dog gets the best care as quickly as possible.

If you are noticing your dog in pain and distress, book an appointment with Alder Vets today and seek your cruciate ligament surgery support.dogs receiving emergency treatment at Alder Vets

What is a Cruciate Ligament?

The cruciate ligament, otherwise known as the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL), is a crucial structure within a dog’s knee joint. It helps to stabilise the joint, preventing excess movement of the femur and tibia during activities such as running and walking.

Why Is Cruciate Ligament Surgery for Dogs Needed

A cruciate ligament injury is common in dogs, occurring for a number of reasons such as trauma, repetitive stress, or degenerative changes. When the ligament becomes damaged or torn, it can result in the knee joint becoming unstable, leading to pain, lameness, and reduced mobility.


Symptoms of Cruciate Ligament Injury in Dogs

As a pet owner, it is part of your responsibility to ensure you keep an eye on any changes in your dog’s behaviours or well-being. Signs and symptoms to look out for regarding cruciate ligament damage include:

  • Limping or favouring one leg.
  • Swelling around the knee joint
  • Audible clicking or popping sounds from the knee.
  • Difficulty rising or walking.
  • A reluctance to put weight on the affected leg.

If you have noticed any changes in your dog, book an appointment with our veterinary professionals at Alder Vets. Our team can help ensure that you get the necessary care and referrals for your dog as quickly as possible.

What Treatment Looks Like

The treatment offered following cruciate ligament surgery for dogs can vary depending on the severity of your dog’s injury and your dog’s unique circumstances. In mild cases, taking a conservative management approach may be the best treatment, focusing on rest, anti-inflammatory, medication, and physical therapy. If the case is more severe, or the case is chronic, surgical intervention may be required to stabilise the knee joint.

If your dog has recently undergone cruciate ligament surgery with us, our team will recommend the right form of treatment for your dog post-surgery. If you have any further questions, please contact our team today with your questions and queries.

The Benefits of Cruciate Ligament Surgery for Dogs

Some of the biggest benefits of cruciate ligament surgery for dogs include helping restore your dog’s mobility and function and preventing any secondary or further complications.

Restoring Your Dog's Mobility & Function

Cruciate ligament surgery aims to reconstruct the damaged ligament and re-stabilise the knee joint, helping your dog to regain their mobility and function pain-free. By addressing the underlying causes of the injury, surgery can help alleviate pain, improve your dog’s quality of life, and prevent long-term degeneration of the joint.

Preventing Further Complications

If left untreated, cruciate ligament injuries can cause further complications such as arthritis, meniscal tears, and chronic pain. Surgery can help prevent these issues by restoring stability in the knee joint and promoting proper healing.

Speak to our team of veterinary professionals today if your dog is struggling with their mobility.

Take Steps to Restoring Your Dog's Mobility with Alder Vets

Our team of veterinary professionals understand that every dog is unique, but ensures that regardless of their needs, they get the best possible care. Take the first steps towards helping your dog restore their mobility and quality of life by booking an appointment with Alder Vets. Our dedicated and compassionate team are here to help you and your dog.

Book your cruciate ligament surgery for dog’s appointment today.

We look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon.

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