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Whether it is your first visit to Alder Veterinary Practice, Unit B, Queen Elizabeth Park, Railton Road, Guildford, GU2 9LX or you have been here before, we advise your pet to have an initial consultation to establish whether there are any issues that need attention.

Vet Consultations give us an opportunity to give your pet a general health and wellbeing assessment when you register your pet with us for the first time. They also give us the opportunity to discuss specific symptoms or injuries you may have noticed in your pet. We can also arrange for your puppy or kitten to have their microchip appointment booked once we have checked them over.

What happens during a Vet Consultation?

During the consultation, an experienced vet or nurse will ask you for any information that may be useful; like changes in your pet’s behaviour or eating habits. If you are concerned about any symptoms they are showing, you can bring this to the Vets attention.

If you have registered your pet with Alder Vets, we will consider their medical records and history including upcoming vaccinations or required medication. There will then be a thorough physical check of your pet, highlighting any areas of concern.

If further treatments are required, our vets and nurses will agree on the best way to move forward. This may include medication, x-rays, referral to a specialised clinic, or ongoing treatments such as physiotherapy. We will keep you informed of the different option available to you every step of the way.

Please contact the practice for information on the cost of a consultation for your pet.

Unable to come to the practice?

If you are unable to visit us in practice, we may be able to help remotely. We can offer consultation by telephone and video via Teams and Vestoria. Your appointment will be with one of our highly qualified vets who will give you the same time and high level of detail as you would expect in Alder Veterinary Practice.

We can usually make a diagnosis and prescribe medication where necessary. In certain circumstances, where a satisfactory conclusion cannot be reached via a virtual appointment, then we may recommend a follow up physical visit to see your pet; either as an emergency or at a follow-up appointment which we can book for you over the phone.

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