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Pet neutering is a surgical procedure done under general anaesthetic, to prevent both male and female animals from reproducing. It is a very common procedure, with minimal risk, and is performed often at our practice. Neutering is a responsible step as an owner, as it has worthwhile health and behavioural benefits for your pet.

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Male Dog Neutering

What is puppy neutering?

Puppy neutering is a short surgical procedure where both testicles are carefully removed. The procedure takes roughly half an hour.

What age can my puppy be neutered?

Your dog can be neutered from 6 months old onwards. However, it is recommended for your dog to have reached maturing before the surgery is performed, which could be up to 2 years in larger dogs.

What is the recovery time after dog neutering?

After your male dog has been neutered, it will need rest at home for the next few days to ensure proper healing. We usually see that dogs can return to normal exercise and routine in 5-7 days.

What are the benefits of pet neutering my dog?

  • Castration prevents the risk of impregnating a female dog
  • Prevents the risk of testicular tumours and prostatic problems
  • Can drastically reduce hypersexual behaviour, such as mounting/humping and scent marking
  • Can reduce aggression displays to other male dogs

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Female Dog Spaying

What is puppy spaying?

Spaying is the removal of ovaries and the uterus in female dogs.

What age can my puppy be spayed?

The spaying procedure can be completed before their first season around six months old, or after their first season.

What is the recovery time after dog spaying?

As the operation is more complex, at least 2 weeks of rest and recovery time is required for females. This can vary between different breeds. We will give you detailed instructions on how best to care for your dog including pain relief and a check-up appointment.

What are the benefits of pet neutering/spaying for my dog?

Spaying female dogs prevent the risk of unwanted pregnancy and phantom pregnancies
Prevents risk associated with mammary tumour and uterus infections

Cat Neutering

Cats reach reproductive maturity rapidly; we follow the RSPCA and Cats Protection guidelines recommending neutering both female and male cats around four months of age. Spaying a female cat involves removing their ovaries and uterus. Castrating a male cat involves removing both of their testes.

What are the benefits of neutering my cat?

  • Castration prevents the risk of impregnating a female cat
  • Lowers the risk of Feline immunodeficiency virus (cat AIDS) and Feline leukaemia virus
  • Prevents the risk of testicular tumours and prostatic problems
  • Reduce the tendency to roam in search of a mate
  • Reduce the risk of disease through fighting e.g., cat bite abscesses
  • Reduce the spraying of urine and territorial behaviours.
  • Female Cat Spaying
  • What is kitten spaying?
  • Cat spaying is the removal of both the uterus and ovaries.

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