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In male dogs, both testes are removed; this is known as ‘castration’. In female dogs, either the uterus is removed or both the uterus and the ovaries; this is known as ‘spaying’. 

Spaying a female dog eliminates the ability to reproduce, and your dog will no longer come into season. Females can be neutered from six months of age; for most breeds, we suggest spaying females before they have had a season, known as pre-season. If your dog is older than six months or has already started having seasons, we would need to wait three months after a season to ensure we are operating at the best possible time.

Here at Alder Vets, we can also perform a female dog ‘spaying’ procedure via keyhole surgery; your pet would have three small incisions, and female dogs often recover faster from this surgery. 

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Dog Neutering Benefits:

There are many benefits to dog neutering, including:

  • Reduces prostatic disease in males
  • Reduces male to male aggression in some cases
  • Eliminates womb infections in females (which can be fatal)
  • Eliminates false pregnancies in females
  • Reduced mammary cancer risk in females spayed pre-season
  • Eliminates testicular cancer in males and ovarian cancer in females
  • Reduces roaming behaviours 
  • No risk of unwanted pregnancies 
  • Reduces scent marking 

 Should I let my dog have one litter before spaying her?

This happens to be a common question, and there are no known health benefits to letting your dog have a litter; this is also the same for cats and rabbits.

General Anaesthetic before Dog Neutering

A general anaesthetic is required for dog neutering; here at Alder Vets, we have measures in place to ensure their safety during the procedure. A dedicated Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) will monitor your pet throughout their surgery and recovery. All anaesthesia comes with some form of risk; however, these are very low, especially neutering, as pets are often young, fit, and healthy when having this procedure.

Risk levels of anaesthesia increase with a pet’s age, certain breeds and if your pet has any underlying health conditions. We can perform a pre-anaesthetic blood test before your pet’s surgery, to detect any underlying illnesses; this can be discussed when booking in for the procedure and on the day of their surgery. Your pet will receive a premedication to relax them and will also receive two types of pain relief.  Rest assured the AlderVets team will be with your pet every step of the way.

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 Dog Neutering FAQs

What is puppy spaying?

Spaying is the removal of ovaries and the uterus in female dogs!

What age can my puppy be spayed?

The spaying procedure can be completed before their first season around six months old, or after their first season..

What is the recovery time after dog spaying?

As the operation is more complex, at least 2 weeks of rest and recovery time is required for females. This can vary between different breeds. We will give you detailed instructions on how best to care for your dog including pain relief and a check-up appointment.

What are the benefits of pet neutering/spaying for my dog?

Spaying female dogs prevent the risk of unwanted pregnancy and phantom pregnancies. Also prevents risk associated with mammary tumour and uterus infections.

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