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  • Dog Neutering Near Me | Alder Vets

If you’re looking for Dog Neutering near me, look no further than Alder Vets. Located in Guildford, we are a specialised vets that provide the highest quality care 7 days a week to your furry companions. As we know our pets are part of our family, we guarantee to provide them with care, love, and trust, and we always ensure our vets and nurses are trained to the highest degree and up to date with current advancements and technologies.

Ensuring you look for dog neutering near you that can protect your pet is very important. Get in touch with us at Alder Vets today.


What Is Dog Neutering?

The surgical operation of dog neutering, carried out under general anaesthesia, stops both male and female animals from reproducing. It is a routine operation that carries no risk and is frequently carried out at our office. As a responsible pet owner, you should enquire about dog neutering near you since it will help their health and behaviour.

You and your dog can benefit greatly from neutering, enabling you to maintain your dog's happiness and health. Neutering can start as early as six months, but your veterinarian will explain your options after assessing your pet's breed and adult weight. In other cases, we might suggest you hold off until your dog is a bit older.


The Importance Of Dog Neutering

There are lots of benefits to having your dog neutered. These include:

  • Reduced risk of cancer: Naturally, the chance of testicular or ovarian cancer is fully eliminated in neutered dogs. But did you know that spaying female dogs while they are young also significantly lowers their risk of developing mammary (breast) cancer?
  • Decreases the chance of uterine infection: A severe concern for female dogs is an infection of the womb (known as a pyometra). The infection can be lethal, and the majority of cases require surgical treatment. Your dog will no longer be at risk of having a pyometra after spaying.
  • Castration greatly lowers the risk of prostate disease in males.
  • The desire to roam is diminished by neutering: This desire, particularly in male dogs, can result in mishaps and loss on the road. This impulse can be lessened to protect your dog.
  • Obviates the possibility of unwanted puppies: This is significant not just for the puppies, but also because pregnancy puts your dog at risk and can be expensive.

Choose Alder Vets for dog neutering near you for an experienced and caring service.

Dog neutering

When Can Your Dog Be Neutered?

Neutering can start as early as six months, but your veterinarian will explain your options after assessing your pet's breed and adult weight.

Veterinarians occasionally advise waiting until after a bitch's first season before neutering them. Delaying neutering enables some testosterone-driven behaviours to develop into learnt behaviours that are harder to get rid of. The preventive effect against mammary (breast) tumours is also lessened in neutered female dogs after their third breeding season.


Why Choose Alder Vets For Dog Neutering Near Me?

As a small animal veterinary based in Guilford, we provide a professional and friendly clinic and specialise in providing your dog with the highest levels of care. Without the requirement for referral to outside speciality facilities, we provide the entire range of in-house surgery. As a result, your pet heals more quickly and both you and your pet experience far less stress! We have cutting-edge equipment on site, including diagnostic imaging, digital radiography, endoscopy, ultrasound, and cutting-edge on-site blood analysis.


Book A Dog Neutering Today

If you’re searching for dog neutering near me, choose Alder Vets for a complete and quality service. Your dog will be constantly monitored and their well-being our first priority during their stay with us.

Book a dog neutering near you today. Alternatively, head to our website to learn more or get in contact with us on 01483 536 306.

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