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  • Flea Treatments For Dogs | Alder Vets

Alder Vets in Guildford, Surrey, offers flea treatments for dogs to keep your dog safe from potential threats. For your dog's welfare and long-term health, you must use effective, preventative medicines against the most common parasites on a regular basis. Remember that prevention is far easier and less expensive than cure. Invest in effective flea treatments for dogs at our Alder Vets' professional facility located in Guildford, Surrey today!




Importance Of Protecting Your Dog From Fleas

If you do not choose appropriate flea treatments for dogs, fleas can potentially damage your pet's health in addition to causing discomfort, soreness, and itching. Because of the amount of blood lost to the parasites, flea infestations can cause anaemia, which can be fatal, especially in puppies or weaker dogs.

Here at Alder Vets, we find it important to emphasise the need for flea treatments for dogs in order to protect your dog from one of the most common risks. Because our dogs are family members, it is critical that they are safeguarded and have a long and happy life. Because fleas are extremely common in the environment and are easily picked up on walks, the best way to ensure that your dog is flea-free is to use the frequent, high-quality flea control that our physicians recommend.


Flea Treatments For Dogs that We Provide At Alder Vets

Instead of limiting your pet's time outside, consider investing in affordable flea treatments for dogs, which we provide at Alder Vets. These steps may be especially important from April to October because the warmer months act as a breeding ground for these parasites, and they can help protect your dog.

You will receive year-round flea treatments for dogs as part of our Pet Health For Life Plan, which will protect them from fleas, worms, ticks, and lungworms. You can keep your dog as healthy and happy as possible for as little as £18 per month by paying a monthly fee that includes flea treatments as well as a variety of other services.




Signs Your Dog May Have Fleas

Fleas are external parasites that rely on a host species for survival. Adult fleas will breed and thrive on your dog and in your home once they have found your pet until you stop their lifecycle.

The constant scratching and chewing of your dog will most likely be your first indicator of fleas. You may detect small brown fleas zipping through your dog's coat on occasion, and this scratching may create skin irritation and visible hair loss patches. Fleas can infect your dog with tapeworms and other parasites in addition to causing skin allergies. To check for fleas, properly comb or brush your pet and inspect the brush or comb for adult fleas on a frequent basis. During grooming, look for fleas in thinly haired regions, such as your pet's tummy.

If you are worried your dog may have fleas, it’s important to get in touch with us right away and book an appointment. Making sure we deal with fleas and worms sooner rather than later can save your dog from suffering and ensure they don’t develop more serious lifelong conditions.

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Pet Health For Life Plan At Alder Vets

As mentioned previously, we offer an invaluable Pet Health For Life Plan near Surrey at our veterinary facility in Guildford, as this is a preventative care plan that spreads the cost of your pet's treatments over the course of the year. At Alder Vets, our new and improved Pet Health for Life Plan is a wonderful method to decrease the cost of routine care, which keeps your pet in good health and allows them to enjoy happier lives.

Our pet health care plan includes flea treatments for dogs and puppies, alongside regular checkups and mandatory treatments including Microchipping,  Vaccinations and Consultations.

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