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Cats and kittens, like any animal that roams outdoors, are susceptible to parasites like fleas, worms and ticks that live on their skin irritating your pet. Because of the dangers that these parasites can cause for your pet, and those in the pet’s home, it is vital to ensure that you have the right flea treatment for your cats and kittens throughout their lives.

At Alder Vets, our vets can help ensure that your cat & kitten are treated from as early as 8 weeks, keeping them happy and healthy throughout their lives. If you need flea treatment for your cat or kitten, book an appointment today with Alder Vets and prevent your cat from these parasites.

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When to Get Your Kitten Treated

If you have just become a pet owner, congratulations! Your kitten may not be able to go outdoors straight away, but it is vital nonetheless to get them treated against fleas and other parasites.

At your local vet, kittens can be treated from as little as 8 weeks. Once your kitten reaches the age of 8-12 weeks, book your appointment with Alder Vets. Get your kitten registered with us and support their happiness throughout their lives.  

How to Apply Flea Treatments

Typically, once your pet cat or kitten has had their first treatment cycle with their local vet, you can continue regular flea treatments at home. These tend to be either a tablet that is put in your cat’s food or a spot-on treatment that can be applied to the skin on your cat’s neck.

For advice on the treatment type and how to apply it correctly for spot-on treatment, please speak to our local vets today.

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The Importance of Flea Treatment for Cats & Kittens

Cats who have fleas in their hair often suffer from itching and skin damage. They may also suffer from flea allergic dermatitis which can occur in cats who are particularly vulnerable to flea bites. It's crucial to treat fleas from an early age since they might pose a far greater risk to younger cats.

Kittens are less able to independently remove fleas and groom themselves than adult cats are. Although fleas feed on blood beneath an animal's skin, kittens have very little blood to spare due to their small size. This can lead to anaemia, a disorder brought on by a deficiency of red blood cells, which may result from flea bites.

If you think your kitten or cat may have fleas, book an appointment with Alder Vets today.

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Fleas in The Home

Fleas are pests for your cat but can also become a pest in the home once your cat has brought them inside.

When your cat or kitten enjoys the outdoors, fleas can latch onto them, later falling off within the home and taking root in your dark spaces such as floorboards or carpets. A flea infestation can happen quickly, causing irritation for you as well as your pet.

It is known for fleas to bite humans once they have infested a home, causing itchy lumps for humans.

To prevent infestation, you must keep your home clean regularly as well as ensure your pet is treated.

Treat Your Cat & Kitten Today

With fleas being an irritation for both you and your pet, why not get your cat or kitten registered with Alder Vets today and book them in for their flea and worm treatment? Ensure they stay happy, healthy, and protected throughout their lives.

At Alder Vets, we believe that prevention is better than cure – start today and book your appointment with us.

If you are registering your cat or kitten with us for the first time, why not consider starting them on our Cat Pet Health for Life plan too? Our Pet Plans ensure that your beloved pet receives their microchip, annual vaccinations, and flea and worm treatments, keeping your costs low. Ask our team about Cat Pet Health for Life when you visit us in the clinic.

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Alder Vets is an accredited silver-level cat-friendly clinic. This means that your cat’s anxiety and fear of the vets is fully understood. We have a separate cat waiting area which means your cat can remain in a calmer environment, away from other pets also waiting with us.

Your cat & kitten’s health is important to us – book with us today.


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