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You need look no further than Alder Vets in Guildford, Surrey if you're looking for cat neutering near me.  We are a specialised vets in Surrey that offers your beloved friends the best care seven days a week. As we are aware that our cats are members of our family, we promise to treat them with care, love, and trust. We also make sure that our veterinarians and nurses are wewell-qualifiednd knowledgeable about the most recent medical developments and technologies.

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What Is Cat Neutering Near Me?

Under general anaesthesia, the surgical procedure of cat neutering prevents both male and female cats from procreating. The procedure is regular, risk-free, and routinely performed at our office. You should look into cat neutering near me as a responsible pet owner because it will improve your cat's health and behaviour.

Neutering can help both you and your cat and can help you keep your cat happy and healthy. Beginning neutering as early as four months is possible, but your vet will go over your options after determining the health of your pet. 


Here at Alder Vets in Guildford Surrey, we can provide a service if you're looking for cat neutering near me


When Should Your Cat Be Neutered?

Cats reach sexual maturity at roughly five months of age, and it’s therefore important you get your pet neutered, in order to prevent unintended pregnancies. Tomcats will start to notice your cat when she is around four months old and will want to mate with her. Because of this, it's crucial to get look for neutering near me and get her spayed in order to prevent her from becoming pregnant while she is still a kitten.

Female cats therefore should be neutered at around four months old and after they have finished their first vaccinations, whereas, for a male cat, this will involve an operation called the snip, which will stop him from being able to spray. After your kitten has been neutered, it will be able to do everything cats want to do, including going outside, climbing trees, and playing, once they have been neutered.


Why You Should Get Your Cat Neutered

There are many advantages of having your cat spayed, and therefore, choosing Alder Vets in Guildford, Surrey to provide the cat neutering near me can have lots of benefits including:

For Female cats:

  • Spaying cats significantly lowers their risk of developing breast cancer and womb infections, especially if it is done when they are young (called pyometra). These two are potentially lethal.
  • Cats are subject to considerable dangers during pregnancy and delivery.

For Male cats:

  • Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), a fatal illness that affects cats and humans alike and is conveyed by saliva from bite wounds during fights, is less likely to infect them after neutering them.
  • Unneutered cats kept inside can get frustrated and try to escape through any opening, including the window on the top floor.
  • Cats who have been neutered are less prone to roam and fight, which makes them less likely to go missing, get hit by cars, or suffer injuries.


Alder Vets Are An ISFM Silver Accredited Cat Friendly Clinic

Here at Alder Vets, cats have a special place in our hearts which is reflected in our Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation, which we have been awarded the silver level. Because cats are naturally sensitive to environmental changes, when you choose our facility to perform cat neutering near me, we can offer ways to lessen the stress of your cat's visit to Alder Vets by providing an understanding and sensitive care service.

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Here at Alder Vets, we are an ISFM Silver accredited cat friendly clinic to perform cat neutering near me


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If you’re looking for cat neutering near me in Guildford, Surrey, here at Alder Vets we can provide a thoroughly dependable and specialised service that will ensure your cat is safe and comfortable throughout its entire stay with us. Book an appointment today or call the practice today on 01483 536 036 to speak to a member of staff for more information.

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