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If you're looking for experienced and professional vets near me, Alder Vets is here for you. We are a caring and knowledgeable facility that can provide a range of services for your pet. Our knowledgeable staff will make sure your pet receives the finest care possible throughout their visit or stay with us if you need vets near me. We can also handle practically any health issue and give your pet the medication they need to live a long and healthy life because of our wide range of services.


Why Choose Alder Vets As A Vets Near Me

We constantly work to give your pet the same level of care that we would expect for our own animals at Alder Vets, which started more than 40 years ago. We want them to enjoy themselves or, at the absolute least, feel comfortable with us.

We are a well-resourced animal veterinary practice that accepts referrals from all across the country and excels in being a resource you can trust when looking for vets near me. Thanks to our facilities in Guildford as a Vets in Surrey, we can provide a variety of services, including 24/7 care, if you ever find yourself in an unfortunate position, alongside being a Specialist Exotic vet that cares for a range of pets, including Snakes, Tortoises, and other reptiles. 

If you ever find yourself in need of a vet near me, we stand out due to our ability to care for a wide range of animals and our Vets' and Nurses' experience with a variety of illnesses and health issues.


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Importance Of Having Reliable Vets Near Me

Since prompt and sufficient medical attention is crucial for your pet's health and wellness, it is imperative to have reliable vets near me in Guildford, Surrey. It is much simpler to arrange routine check-ups and preventive care appointments when a veterinarian is nearby, making it easier to get your pet medical attention if they are sick or hurt.

Additionally, having a nearby veterinarian who is familiar with your pet's medical history may make it easier to provide the best care. Since they will have a significant impact on your pet's health, it is essential to find a veterinarian you can trust and feel comfortable with. If you're looking for reputable and knowledgeable vets near me in Guildford, Surrey, we can help.

We also are an Emergency Vets in Surrey that can cater to your pets emergencies. Get in touch with us for all emergencies. 


Specialised Services We Offer As Vets Near Me

As vets near me, there are many specialist services we can offer you. Some of these services include:

Dental Care: The dental condition of your pet is essential. Unfortunately, dental issues can affect both cats and dogs. You can begin taking preventative steps to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent mouth pain in your pet at a young age with the counsel of your veterinarian.

Vaccinations: At Alder Veterinary Practice in Surrey, we are adamant that vaccinations are an essential part of being a responsible pet owner and of safeguarding your dogs against seriously fatal but curable diseases.

Flea and Worm Treatment: For the long-term health and wellness of both your pet and your family, it is crucial that you routinely use efficient, preventative medications to fend off the most common parasites.

Microchipping: A permanent ID system for pets uses a chip little bigger than a rice grain that is inserted under the skin of your pet's scruff.

Neutering: To prevent both male and female pets from reproducing, pet neutering, a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthesia, is the main objective.

Laparoscopic Surgery: Alder Vets is pleased to inform that we are now able to recommend patients from other veterinary practices and carry out this least invasive procedure on our own animals.

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Looking For A Pet Health For Life Plan From A Vets Near Me?

Alder Vets is happy to announce our preventative care Pet Health for Life plan if you're seeking vets near me who can give you a quick and easy plan that covers the treatments your pet may need throughout their lives.

Pet Health for Life offers comprehensive treatment from our welcoming Alder Vets staff at a great price by spreading the cost of your pet's preventative healthcare over the course of its lifetime. Enrol with us online immediately and relax knowing that your pet's required medicines and healthcare are covered for as little as £18 per month!

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