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  • Flea Treatments For Cats In Surrey | Alder Vets

Alder Vets in Guildford provides Flea Treatments for Cats in Surrey to protect them from insects. You must regularly administer efficient, preventative medications against the most prevalent parasites for your cat's wellbeing and long-term health. Do not forget that prevention is simpler and less expensive than treatment. Invest in effective cat flea treatments from the facilities at Alder Vets as your leading vets in Surrey.


Importance of Flea Treatment For Cats in Surrey

In order to protect your cat from one of the most common threats, we at Alder Veterinary Practice want to underline the need of Flea Treatments for Cats in Surrey. As part of the family, our cats need to be protected and given every opportunity to live long, fulfilling lives.

The best way to be certain that your cat does not have fleas is to use the frequent, high-quality flea control that is recommended by our vets. Fleas are fairly common in the environment and are simple to pick up when your pet goes outside.

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 cat getting flea treatment from Alder Vets


Dangers Of Fleas For Your Cat

If you do not choose appropriate Flea Treatments for Cats in Surrey, fleas can gravely harm your pet's health in addition to causing them discomfort, soreness, and itching. Anaemia brought on by flea infestations can be lethal, especially in kittens and weaker cats, due to the amount of blood that a cat may lose to the parasites.

When your cat regularly chews and licks its skin and coat, you'll probably find fleas there. On rare occasions, you could notice little brown fleas travelling quickly through your cat's coat. On the other hand, cats are skilled groomers and may get rid of fleas so thoroughly that you never notice them. Regular nibbling and licking by your cat may result in noticeable hair loss areas, tiny crusts, and flushed, irritated skin. You must hunt for Flea Treatments for Cats in Surrey from Alder Vets since fleas can harm your cat's skin and transmit parasites like tapeworms.

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Pet Health For Life



How To Check For Fleas On Your Cat

Adult fleas are typically harder to discover on cats than on dogs. Looking for flea filth (really flea excrement) in your cat's haircoat is one of the finest ways to check for fleas.

To check for flea dirt, comb or touch a part of your cat's back hair while he or she is sitting or resting on a white piece of paper. If your cat has fleas, black particles that resemble dirt (thus the term "flea dirt") will fall onto the paper. If you place these black flecks on damp paper, they will become red or rust-coloured in no time. The red colour is caused by blood drawn from your cat being passed in the flea's excrement. If the dirt specks do not become red, they are most likely "normal" dirt.



How To Prevent Your Cat From Getting Fleas

You can shield your cat from fleas in addition to cat flea treatments by taking additional preventative steps. If necessary, fleas can be eliminated from both indoor and outdoor places with insecticides. The frequent vacuuming of pet beds, rugs, furniture, and other indoor spaces where your cat is likely to be are other methods. This will help restrict flea regrowth inside your home. Our veterinarians can assess your situation and offer safe and efficient flea treatments for cats in Surrey. Your veterinarian will be able to advise you as to whether you need to consult a pest control expert regarding the treatment of your home and garden.


 checking cat for fleas is important to ensure they aren't suffering. Get cat flea treatments in surrey with Alder Vets


Pet Health For Life Plan at Alder Vets

Consider investing in economical flea treatments for cats in Surrey from Alder Vets rather than limiting the amount of time your pet spends outside. These procedures can protect your Cat and could be essential from April to October because the warmer months act as a breeding ground for these parasites.

Your cat will be protected from fleas, worms, ticks, and lungworms with our Pet Health Plan's year-round flea treatments. You may maintain your Cat's health and happiness for as low as £18 per month by paying a monthly fee that includes flea treatments in addition to a number of other services. Get in touch right away to learn more!



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