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  • When to Book Dog Neutering for Your Pet | Dog Neutering | Alder Vets

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  • When to Book Dog Neutering for Your Pet | Dog Neutering | Alder Vets

As a pet owner, having a local trusted vet that you can visit for all pet needs is vital. At Alder Vets in Guildford, we understand that your pet is a part of your family. In order to remain a responsible pet owner, it is vital to understand the need for dog neutering and when to neuter your dogs.

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What is Dog Neutering?dog neutering in surrey with Alder Vets

Dog neutering, often referred to as castration (male) or spaying (female) depending on your dog’s gender, is a surgical procedure that removes the reproductive organs of male and female dogs respectively. The is done to help control the pet population, prevent unwanted litters, and provide a range of health benefits for your dogs.

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Why Dog Neutering is Important

Dog neutering is important for a number of reasons, including population control and health benefits for your dogs.

Population Control & Preventing Unwanted Puppy Litters

The primary reason for dog neutering is to prevent the overpopulation of unwanted puppies. Sadly, every year there are countless puppies and dogs that end up in dog shelters or left on the streets leading to overcrowding and euthanasia of healthy dogs.

Neutering is able to help reduce the number of unwanted litters so that no puppy becomes unwanted. It also promotes responsible pet ownership, ensuring that your pet is well looked after.

Health Benefits for Dogs

For both male and female dogs, neutering offers a number of health benefits too. In males, this procedure can reduce the risk of testicular cancer and lower their chances of prostate problems. For female dogs, spaying them can eliminate the risk of uterine infections and reduce the likelihood of mammary tumours, particularly if done before the first heat cycle.

If you would like to book your dog neutering appointment, you can book online today with Alder Vets.

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Benefits of Neutering Your Dog

Alongside the health benefits of neutering, there are also other benefits:

  • Behavioural Improvements: Neutering can lead to behavioural improvements in dogs, from reduced aggression to decreased roaming in search of their mate.
  • Longer Lives: Studies often show that neutered dogs tend to live a longer, healthier life with their intact counterparts. There is a lower risk of suffering with reproductive-related diseases and behavioural issues.
  • No Unwanted Puppy Litters: With dog neutering, you are preventing the birth of unwanted litters, helping to alleviate the strain on dog shelters and rescue organisations too.

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The Neutering Process

At Alder Vets, we have an experienced team of veterinary professionals who can help you with dog neutering. They perform neutering surgeries with the utmost care and precision, ensuring that your pet gets the best care and recovery.

Under general anaesthesia, the team will perform the necessary surgery, followed by providing the best post-surgery care and treatments. We aim to have your pet back with you as quickly as possible.  

The optimal age for neutering your dog depends on their breed, size, and individual health. As standard practice, vets would recommend dog neutering from 6-12 months of age; however, some smaller breeds can be neutered from 8 weeks old.

For the best advice on neutering and to answer your questions, book your dog neutering appointment today.

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Dog Neutering with Alder Vets

Take a proactive step in caring for your dog’s health and well-being; book an appointment with Alder Vets today.

We understand that pet care can be expensive; this is why we offer our Dog Pet Health for Life plan to ensure that your dog receives the necessary year-round care at an affordable monthly price for you.

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